CSC 249/449 Computer Vision: Resources

This class will involve a significant amount of experimentation with image processing and computer vision algorithms. There are a number of resources - software, hardware, and human - in the department to make life easier and more interesting. Some of these are outlined below, along with pointers to more information. Others you may discover or develop on your own.

Lab etiquette and care of equipment

The lab space that you will be using for this course is a general research resource, which means that there may very well be other experiments using the same space and equipment. This means that you need to take ordinary care not to disrupt the work of other people using the lab. The biggest complaint in the past has been general messiness, but if everyone follows a few simple procedures, 90% of the problems can be avoided. The equipment is generally pretty robust if you don't drop it or try to force connections together, but there are a few issues you need to be carful about.


Image Processing Software


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