Yellow Avens

Yellow Avens
Yellow Avens. Geum allepicum.
Rosaceae, the rose family.

Plant: Hairy plants, 1'-3', with basal leaves, and yellow, five-petaled flowers on long branching stems. Perennial.
Flowers: Yellow, 1/2"-3/4", with five petals and five sepals nearly equal to petals in length. Many short stamens and pistils. Flowers are borne on sparsely leaved, branching stems rising above larger basal leaves.
Leaves: Basal and alternate, to 5", highly variable, lobed to compound, and toothed.
Fruit: A compact cluster of seeds with long hooked styles, forming a bristly ball. These catch on fur and clothing.
Blooming: June-August
Habitat: Wet wields, weedy areas, and thickets.

Comments: The leaves and flowers of this native species somewhat resemble a yellow strawberry, however the leaves are not so regularly three-parted, and the spiky fruit looks nothing like a strawberry. This plant is related to the cultivated geums common in gardens.

Where to find it: Weedy banks near the pond, especially north and east.