The Gaming Industry

"There is nae What A Rack! bennison like mine, I have amaist nae care."

One of Two in Two Thousand and One.

A new partner in 2008! We bag a unicorn!

The Most Dangerous Game...

But Squirrels are just people, after all...

Tutorial: Where Perspective Comes From

Abstract: Point projection is the most common and common-sense way to produce a 2-D image of a 3-D scene. Its effect is to shrink the size of objects as their distance from the image plane increases. For a set of parallel lines in 3-D not parallel to the image plane, the distance between them shrinks and they intersect in a "vanishing point". There are thus as many vanishing points in the image as sets of differently-aimed parallel lines in the scene. Traditional one-, two-, and three-point perspective are thus special cases. Completely theoretical and untested how-to recommendations are given, along with illustrative, sometimes surprising, and a few pathological imaging situations. Foreshortening is thoroughly differentiated from perspective. 21 Figures.

Subject Keywords: point projection; one-point perspective; two-point perspective; three-point perspective; perspective; computer graphics; vanishing point; horizon; imaging model; camera model; non-traditional imaging; tutorial; foreshortening; Escher;

Where Does Perspective Come From? (PDF).

Tiling in Perspective

Creating and extending parallelogram, square, hexagonal, octagonal tilings in 0, 1 and 2 point perspective.

Tiling in Perspective: the ST Method. PDF).


I've been jogging since about 1975 thanks to Jon Shopiro who got me started here at UR. Here are Roger Gans and Dave Pollack and meself at our spot outside the gym. I've been running with Roger regularly since about 1976 and we trained for the Rochester Marathon together (along with Barmish, Boomer, Tony, and several others). Roger wound up doing two or three marathons, me only the one. The whole thing makes me feel poetic.

Photo: Paul Tankel

Flash! Motivated by Department fun run, upped training a bit and in summer of 2006 cleaned up in the 60-65 category in various shorter races. Never got up to 10K but took 2nd in a 5-miler. Anyway, "surviving is 90% of winning", as Woody should have said.

Gilbert and Sullivan Crosswords

Here are the report, examples, code

Medicine in Musicals 2012


D&C article and videos (no guarantees):
Medical Arts

Me plus (left to right) real MDs Richard Demme, Steve Sulkes, and Jefferson Svengsouk.
Photocredit: Jason Reminick (I think).

The FDA has twenty thousand different drugs to take,
So we thought, "What could we produce to give you all a break?"
A drug that could treat anything from leprosy to SARS,
And you can take it in the mouth, IV or up the arse.

We tested it on animals and none of 'em survived.
But that's OK 'cos when we wrote the paper up -- we lied!
Now it's first choice for MI, MS, and even for ME,
And COPD, HIV, PE, and DVT.

It makes you smart as Einstein and as muscular as Tyson.
We can't give out samples but we offer cut rate price on

Very Truly Yours

May 26-28, I had the privilege of participating in a large theatrical production whose cast spanned 50 years of Oberlin College's Gilbert and Sullivan Players. Here are some photos from rehearsals and other back-, off-, or pre-stage moments.

My Ex-Banjo

In 2001 I sold everything you need to transform yourself into an order-of-magnitude better banjo player.

Then and now: Patience and The Grand Duke

Back in 1980, with Maura Slon, as Bunthorne in Patience.

Suzanne and I were in the chorus of Pirates of Penzance last year and of The Grand Duke this year. This show was set in the 1930's in the Grand Duchy of Pfennig-Halbpfennig. Here are a few Pictures by Dave Shafer, chosen according to the stringent and sophisticated aesthetic criterion: is this a picture of us?

Thespis and Utopia

Suzanne and self in "Thespis", G and S's first collaboration whose music is lost (or suppressed). We were lucky enough to have a brand-new score (not a pastiche of other Sullivan songs) by Quade Winter (who came to a performance).

"Utopia Ltd."

Choral Activities

Here I'm a low-talent ringer in a group including Suzanne (on left) and Prof. John Bennett, superior tenor. (Hochstein Chorale Concerts, HSOM June 2004 and 2005).

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is an instrument played by socially phobic overachievers under a brutal regime of constant discipline until the results begin to approach what a guitar is truly capable of. By then, all but the best are broken men and women.

-- Tim Brookes

The Guitar Teacher

Fernando Sor demonstrates that eye-rolling, heaven-appealing expression of controlled good-humored disbelief, exasperation, and forebearance common, I'm sure, to all guitar teachers.

Here are Jim, Richard, Len, John, and myself. Photo Credit: Jim Doyle and Family.

The CAGED Chord System

After a year of head-scratching, this is my current take on how to find chords and a basic progression anywhere on the neck. It works, BUT you have to keep practicing! CAGED on a Page


Hard Cider from 1986. B. Zimmerman, mandolin; M. Wambach, flatpicked guitar; B. Flentke, rhythm guitar; C. Brown, banjo; P. Dibble, bass.

Your Love is Like a Flower , BZ baritone, ensemble.
By Popular Demand: the "Live on Stage!" verse:
It was Spring when you promised me your love, dear,
But by Summertime that had not come to pass--
As late as Fall, I wished you'd kiss my lips, dear,
Now in Winter, I just wish you'd kiss my [Flatt G-Run].

He Will Set Your Fields On Fire CB baritone, BF bass, ensemble.

Aragon Mill BF verse; CB, MW chorus.

Grandfather's Clock

After my Nth humiliating guitar public performance I decided maybe I was less of a recording failure than a concert failure.

Fingal's Hoehle (Mertz), 3/27/10

Nocturno II (Mertz), 3/27/10

Sarabande BWV 997 (Bach), 12//20/10

Southwind (arr. Pell), 12/20/10

Sarabande (estudios sencillos 15, Brouwer), 12/22/10

Misionera, 9/11/11

Vals (Broca) 2/23/12

Delta Rag (A. Jaffe) 2/23/12

Kinkachoo, I Love You (Houghton) 2/25/12

God of the Northern Forest (Houghton) 2/25/12

Olite (Moreno-Torroba) 6/7/12

Torija (Elegia) (Moreno-Torroba) 6/7/12

Mertz Romanze (Mertz) 6/20/132

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